Christine Bachman & Associates

Public Relations done right.

Award winning Public Relations firm serving clients nationwide with offices in Chicago and Dallas. Specializing in television placements, CB&A clients include those in the following industries; Consumer, Lifestyle, B2B, Financial and Food.

Our Amazing Benefits

Be the Expert in Your Industry

When your goal is to attract new customers or clients you want to be positioned as an expert in your field.

Christine Bachman and Associates is a one stop shop for media training, story development and placements that will get results.

Advertising vs. Public Relations

Anyone can spend thousands of dollars to put an ad in a glossy magazine or newspaper.  And, you may or may not bring in new clients. 

When a journalist writes about you and your company you may or may not bring in new clients, but you will be positioned as an expert and have credibility that an ad cannot provide.

Your Advocate

When you have a publicist you have an advocate, someone who has connections and knows how to position you and your brand to attract new clients or customers. By trusting a publicist you can be rest assured that your logo is being placed, and all websites and pertinent information to make it easy for your new customers or clients to find you.​​​​​​​

Top of Mind Credibilty

You will be top of mind next time someone is looking for a financial planner or new outfit as your future customer or client just saw you mentioned in the paper or in a favorite magazine, television or on the radio. 

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