Angela Dana of Rosebud Restaurants talks to us about what she loves about the restaurant industry and in life.
by Christine Bachman

Born into the restaurant industry, Angela Dana (daughter to Rosebud’s founder Alex Dana) is taking the restaurant reigns by storm. Now, she is in charge of purchasing for the nine plus locations and working on new recipes while revamping older ones.

Here are 10 things you may not know about Angela Dana:

1. I am Italian (dad) and Greek (mom), and was raised Greek Orthodox.
2. My favorite food is pizza! BBQ and Sushi too.
3. My friends invite themselves over because they know I love to entertain and I don’t have children so it’s a quiet escape for them.
4. I love spending time in the commissary creating new dishes, and revamping old recipes.
5. You might catch me arranging flowers, or doing arrangements for friend’s baby and bridal showers as I started doing this as a hobby. I love it because flowers don’t talk back, it’s lovely!
6. I’ve always loved cooking, my dad and I cook together when our family gathers for holidays.
7. I started out working in the coat room on Taylor Street until I was 19 years old.
8. I love Pinterest, I could look at photos of food and entertaining 24/7.
9. I enjoy making Greek food the most, and always make it on Greek holidays.
10. My favorite vacation spot is Vegas, baby! I just love the atmosphere and excitement.

While not in one of the Rosebud locations, Angela loves going to concerts, working out or playing with her Morkie named Rosie- and no she didn’t name her dog after Rosebud Restaurants (the name Rosebud came from her grandmother Rose). “She was so nosy as a puppy, so I called her nosy Rosie and it stuck” explains Dana.
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