Children’s music is more diverse than ever, giving parents more tools to help talk about the tougher subjects in life. An Oakland, California hip hop group talks about diversity, unique names and playground etiquette through their music.

by Christine Bachman

Steve Jennings
It’s not always easy to talk about diversity and what makes everyone think and act differently, but sometimes you can find answers in a song. The Alphabet Rockers, with songwriters/vocalists Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd, have great topics on their latest hip hop album for kids.

The Playground Zone
Gimme Some Skin: This song celebrates skin color, diversity and collaboration. Not everyone has the same color skin and you see that when you give a high five.

Oddball: Celebrating the differences of all kids in the classroom with one line saying “You might not understand me cause I speak with my eyes. If you listen closely, you might understand a story being told, to try to understand.”

That’s Your Name, Wear It Out: This song is a tool to celebrate unique names and helps kids practice saying names with the correct pronunciation.
Player’s Life: This song relates to the playground where rules are set and everyone is invited to play and no one gets left behind. This song sets the stage for an immersive experience of inclusion in playground games, and daily life.

Change the World: “Wishing for a day when we don’t have to hide who we are, how we pray, how we love, where people stand up, stand up for what’s right.” This song invites us to look within and envision how each of us changes the world with every action we take.

Wiggle Jiggle: this electro-pop dance tune will have your little ones jumping up and down and keep them moving.

Live performances are always fun to see with your kiddos, here are a few upcoming shows you won’t want to miss:

-July 30 & 31: Lollapalooza presents Recess Monkey with their album “Novelties”
-August 5: Ralph’s World Library Tour at the Crestwood Library
-August 21: Ravinia presents Justin Roberts who is releasing his greatest hits album