Think of it as boot camp for the windows to your soul. Vizual Edge Performance Training (VEPT) technology has changed the way athletes and students see things—literally!
by Christine Bachman

Kathy Puchalski, the co-developer and vice president of Vizual Edge Performance Training, along with Dr. Barry Seiller have now made the program iPad and Android compatible. The web-based vision training program gives a calibrated assessment of the entire visual system, including depth perception, tracking, decision-making, reaction time and concentration, making it ideal for students and any athlete looking to improve hand-eye coordination.

“We poured efforts into the third-party research and development of the program, and we are seeing great success with it, and our athletes are happy with the exercises and results,” says Puchalski. This spring, the company saw a large increase in clients, including its 12th major league baseball team.

Many parents began noticing not only how their child’s sports skills were improving, but saw an improvement in their academics, as well. “We have parents using the program to help their children improve with reading, and study skills and testing, it’s nice to see such happy clients,” explains Puchalski. “VEPT offers assessment and customized training to sharpen visual skills with measurable results.”

The web-based program is compatible with iPads and tablets, and available for athletes and students to use almost anywhere.
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