The art of understanding what consumers want and discovering the very best way to get it to them. To drive any company or business entity towards success, there must be a great marketing strategy in place. Christine Bachman & Associates develops unique strategies for our clients while adhering to few basic principles of marketing.



Whether a product is a tangible item or a service, its success is basically determined by the degree it fulfills a need and delivers value for a specific group of consumers.

The product must satisfy an identified need and give the features your targeted consumers want. Our firm will help you highlight what makes your product great to the right potential consumers.



This is a marketing principle that refers to what consumers will pay for a product and how that price boosts profit for the company. If prices drop, demand will tend to rise while profit per unit may decrease. Successful pricing maximizes total profits for a company by successfully balancing profit per unit with consumer demand.


Placing Your Product Or Service

The place principle is related to distribution, which is basically where you plan to make your product available and how you plan to get it to market. After all, consumers can’t buy a product that isn’t readily available. Distribution channels are simply a crucial part of the whole business structure.

To gauge if a distribution channel is effective, it must be reliable and offer easy access to your desirable product for your customers. For some larger businesses, it may be more efficient to sell a product to a wholesaler who in turn distributes to retailers.

We have been working with Christine Bachman and her team over the past 2 years. Christine has been a valuable asset to our marketing team, specifically utilizing her resources locally and nationally for print and visual media outlets, as well as increasing viability at local events.
Dr. Lawrence Iteld, MD
Christine Bachman and her associates were able to elevate our brand. Not only did she get us into the trade magazines that matter in our industry, but we were featured on television and the front page of a business newspaper. We are very pleased with her company and continue to work together.
Rob Whitehead

Promoting Your Product or Service

This marketing fundamental is all about communicating with your customers through smart advertising and efficient use of media. Promotion can mean anything from glossy print ads in a trade magazine to direct selling or viral advertising to spread information to customers. Our marketing firm has a deep understanding of these priorities and can help you communicate successfully with potential consumers.