Some of the many reasons marketers utilize social media are to generate brand awareness, connect to key prospects, create leads, and generate lasting relationships with customers. Marketing by social media is most effective when it’s synchronized with good customer service and distribution.



Critical to any marketing strategy in 2017, just some of the benefits smart social media can produce are:

  • You’ll get to know your market through regular social media connections
  • The ability for rapid response with your customers while also staying ahead of your competitors
  • Developing your customer base
  • Increase sales and keep a positive profile with that customer base as it grows
  • Tell – and show – the story of your company or brand
  • When compared to conventional print ads or advertorials, social media marketing is very cost effective
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Christine Bachman & Associates is a company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of social media.

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Developing Your Social Media Strategy

Just like a traveler shouldn’t expect to find their way easily without using a map, a social media marketing plan can’t expect success without smart, insightful planning.

Our firm will help you devise a social media marketing plan that summarizes your brand and how it meets the needs of your ideal consumers by:

  • Creating social media goals.
  • Creating your social media accounts or improving your company’s existing social media accounts.
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  • Drawing from and building upon social media ideas from other leaders and competitors in your field.
  • Creation of a relevant content plan and, if applicable, a timetable for that plan.
  • Assessment and adjustments to your social media marketing that remains current with what your consumers want.
  • Develop solid relationships through Twitter chats, generating awareness around your business.
  • Utilize compelling images relevant to your message.
We have been working with Christine Bachman and her team over the past 2 years. Christine has been a valuable asset to our marketing team, specifically utilizing her resources locally and nationally for print and visual media outlets, as well as increasing viability at local events.
Dr. Lawrence Iteld, MD, Chicago Plastic Surgery
We have been able to get publicity at our running events, store events and on great topics thanks to Christine Bachman and Associates. We have really gotten the message out about our store and our brand.
Joel Feinberg, Universal Sole

Each of these efforts, when performed effectively, will work together within your general, long term marketing goals. Let’s get started! Reach Christine Bachman & Associates at 312.313.4339

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